Oh God, It`s Back!

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Album: He Had No Beard to Speak Of (2007)

Song: Tommy Cheek Chompers

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Once upon a time in College station
A bustling college community bathed in agriculture and country and western sat perfectly content with its current state of musical affairs. But something was missing. Where was that driving 5/4 rhythm? Where were the grossly distorted and squealing metal melodies?
They were residing in the minds of five unassuming young men.
It was late in the year of 2004 A.D. when the younger (and perhaps wiser) John and Nathan got together to jam some of their favorite hardcore tunes. All they knew was that they wanted to write heavy breakdowns and scream so hard that the flesh would melt off of rhinos. Quickly, they realized that if they wanted more vocals than none at all, they would have to find themselves a singer. A friend of theirs by the name of Justin seemed to fit the bill perfectly. He had the throaty growl that they were after and the added bonus of looking like the perfect motorcycle enthusiast. But they still needed more. Zane, a computer engineering student at Texas A&M originally signed on to become the bassist, but he impressed the three so much with his riffery on the guitar, that he took over the lead guitars permanently. After a few trial bassists the band finally settled on John (Also an A&M computer engineer).
Thus became what the world knows now as Oh God, It's Back! This rag tag bunch of misfits from the wrong side of the tracks set out to give College Station, Texas a much needed enema of rock. In a city where there is virtually no hardcore or post hardcore scene, Oh God, It's Back! comes to the table to rock Aggieland with more horror movie driven lyrics, off timings and breakdowns than it was set to handle.